Three Tips to Score a Date on Dating Apps

While going through dating apps to try and meet new people and have a serious relationship might sound counterintuitive amid the raging coronavirus pandemic. However, in Singapore, since the government managed to control the virality of the disease and keep them in check, to the point that public places such as restaurants and bars are slowly reopening, which gives rise to the resurgence of dating in the country.

Singapore dating apps are prevalent, but you need to find out which apps are legit and not just scummy applications full of bugs that are in it to get your money, so make sure to do your research before jumping on the dating apps trend. In addition, we’re going to tell you the top tips to score a date using dating apps down below:

Transparency is Key


Like a translucent glass, you should be able to see who’s on the other side you’re talking to, and vice versa with your interlocutor. So, naturally, catfishing is an epidemic in the world of dating apps, which is why more and more people are straying away from joining the app, which means you’re losing on prospective partners. You can do your part to help the dating community regains its credibility by showing and using your own picture and not anyone else’s. So, if you want to score a date quickly, do yourself and the community a favor by being transparent.

Write Something in Your Bio

Dating requires effort and nothing shows effort better than a full-blown bio. Yes, your bio plays a major role in securing potential partners in the future, and it’s because the people who come across your profile will look at your bio the moment they notice that you’re using a real photo and you’re not a bot or catfish, which means you’ve already piqued their interest.

Still, that won’t guarantee you a swipe right if your bio is empty. Writing something in your bio is always better than having nothing at all. People will want to know more about you since they find you interesting. What you want to do is write some basic stuff about yourself, something casual that shows you’re a friendly and kind-natured person that wants to hang out and can engage in a normal conversation. Trust us when we say skipping the bio is a major foul.

Don’t Take Anything to Heart, Just Be Casual


Having too high of an expectation can lead to a disastrous downward spiral, so always modulate your expectations and be open to what the university offers. The people on dating apps are not one of the same, and they have different ways of thinking, background, and schedule. You need to have a conversation with yourself that you’re not going to take anything to heart and not get offended easily if they don’t reply to your message or unmatched you. Just try to have a normal conversation and see where it goes from there, and if it is a match, then great for you, but if it’s not, just move on because there are plenty of fishes in the sea, and you don’t need to find Nemo.…

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